Friday, July 13, 2012


Hello there. If you wanted to know some recent happenings with me and mine, read on, read on.

Hal is as cute as ever, actually probably cuter than ever, see?

He has only slept for 6 hour chunks the last two nights instead of his usual 8. But I still count myself lucky to be getting stretches that long. He is also finally starting to gain a little more weight, thanks to the "no happiness diet" aka dairy free eating I have been doing for the last couple of weeks. Luckily he hadn't been fussy at all even with the milk allergy, but that also made it harder to detect. But his poop is no longer bright green, yay! (TMI? Too bad). It hasn't been too terrible so far, but I know this longing for ice-cream will just continue to grow. Good thing he's worth it. 

We are packing up two weeks from today and leaving Utah and family all behind oneither the 29th or 30th. 29th only if we can convince the couple we are traveling with to break the sabbath and take off so our driving days are shorter and so we can visit Jeff's brother in Iowa. I've been doing pretty well at ignoring it all summer and just thinking of it as this nebulous "someday" that wodn't really ever happen. It's starting to get a little more real and a lot more scary. But we are excited a bit too. Hal and I might get a little lonely, but I'm just glad I'm not going to be the one starting a crazy hard PhD program. I do have sympathetic butterflies in the tummy for Jeff, though. New York, here we come.

We probably should try to be really productive the next two weeks, but we will probably play with our Utah family and friends as much as possible instead. I'm cool with that. Here's to technology and staying in touch, and, dare I say it, new friends? Well, here's to new adventures, at least.


deb said...

Micquel W. S.! A new post! How wonderful. I am going to miss you terribly. I was listening to Kings of Convenience yesterday and had a total flash back of being in your room in high school pretending to do math, when really I was just being envious of how cute and tidy your room was and how comfy that big chair was.

just nikki said...

I wish Noah would sleep for 6 hours straight. ;)

Ah! You are moving so soon! Hopefully your friends will be willing to break the sabbath. Long driving days are hard, especially with babies.

Teri said...

What an adorable boy! He is so cute! Crazy that you're leaving so soon! What part of NY again? Jarom is in Syracuse for work, and this weekend we're thinking about going to the Hill Cumorah Pageant :o) So we find ourselves in your neck of the woods occasionally. If for some reason you're in our area and need a place to stay we have a whole basement for guests complete with air mattresses and complimentary breakfast ;) I know it doesn't sound close at all to PA but I guess since I'm so far away from familiar family and friends hours start to seem not so far!

I hope your move goes well, and I hope youlove NY! Jarom said it was beautiful :)

I don't know what I can do from here, but if you can think of something let me know and I'd be happy to help!

micquel said...

Debbie, I remember those days, and now I am starting to wish I still had that chair. But I thought it was lame compared to your awesome twisty chair in your room:)

Nikki, I will be crossing my fingers that Noah will sleep for you. Hal started going 6 hour stretches around 6 or 7 weeks I think, so maybe you'll get there soon! It's such a delight when it happens.

Teri, you are so sweet! Syracuse is only about an hour and a half from Ithaca, and so is Palmyra, so we should definitely arrange a visit next time you are up north. Hours long drives definitely seem a ton shorter when you compare it to the four day drive it would be to see most other people you know! I think we're only like 5 hors apart, which is basically nothing:)

Bronwynn said...

You are such a fun writer! Thanks for inviting me to your blog!! I am excited to keep up with you guys now that you live so far away. Can't wait to see pictures of NY. How did the rest of your trip/move go??

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