Friday, July 13, 2012


Hello there. If you wanted to know some recent happenings with me and mine, read on, read on.

Hal is as cute as ever, actually probably cuter than ever, see?

He has only slept for 6 hour chunks the last two nights instead of his usual 8. But I still count myself lucky to be getting stretches that long. He is also finally starting to gain a little more weight, thanks to the "no happiness diet" aka dairy free eating I have been doing for the last couple of weeks. Luckily he hadn't been fussy at all even with the milk allergy, but that also made it harder to detect. But his poop is no longer bright green, yay! (TMI? Too bad). It hasn't been too terrible so far, but I know this longing for ice-cream will just continue to grow. Good thing he's worth it. 

We are packing up two weeks from today and leaving Utah and family all behind oneither the 29th or 30th. 29th only if we can convince the couple we are traveling with to break the sabbath and take off so our driving days are shorter and so we can visit Jeff's brother in Iowa. I've been doing pretty well at ignoring it all summer and just thinking of it as this nebulous "someday" that wodn't really ever happen. It's starting to get a little more real and a lot more scary. But we are excited a bit too. Hal and I might get a little lonely, but I'm just glad I'm not going to be the one starting a crazy hard PhD program. I do have sympathetic butterflies in the tummy for Jeff, though. New York, here we come.

We probably should try to be really productive the next two weeks, but we will probably play with our Utah family and friends as much as possible instead. I'm cool with that. Here's to technology and staying in touch, and, dare I say it, new friends? Well, here's to new adventures, at least.

Friday, July 15, 2011

photos from my files

Botanical Gardens

The day we got caught in a sudden downpour at the capital.
Very romantic to be huddled under a tiny umbrella, I must say.

This one time we went swing dancing. There
was a live band and no air conditioning.
Red face, but so fun.

This one time Jeff's sister and brother-in-law came to visit and we had way
too much fun. And ate a lot of really good food.

I had a little nibble of Jeff's oyster and didn't puke all night. Yay!

Economics lesson at the American History Museum.

This one time I got all hipster and got Instagram on my ipod touch. oooh.

Thomas Jefferson Building of the National Archives. Beautiful building.
Plus, Thomas Jefferson's library. AWESOME.

Monday, June 27, 2011


So, I think I was going to tell you guys about the air and space museum? Well, we are nerds so we loved it a ton. We exclaim a lot about how awesome everything is. Like the module that first landed on the moon. Holy sweet! Below we have the Spirit of St Louis. First solo transatlantic flight happened in this baby. No big deal.

Here's the Bell X-1, Glamorous Glennis. First plane to break the sound barrier. Cool.

I think I also promised something about our fist metro shopping trip? Well, I just realized that we only have really long boring videos from there. That's more cheeses than you would probably care to see, so I decided against posting them. Maybe I will take pictures when we go shipping next week. We'll see.

Here's some other random pictures for your enjoyment:

The view from our window that I see while I work all day.

Made some salmon. It was yummy.
We went to old town Alexandria and ate at Gadsby's Tavern. George Washington ate their some few times and Thomas Jefferson had his inaugural banquet there. The food was good, nothing super amazing, but the atmosphere and candlelight were very fun. 

Pretty much time is just going way too fast, and we will never be able to see everything we want if we keep up our lazy, non-tourist rate of events. Luckily Jeff's sister and her husband came to visit us, so we got some good sight seeing in over the weekend. Also some good late night partying and alien killing, too. We are sad they are leaving us tomorrow. Fourth year of medical school waiting at home? Pshaw, no excuse for leaving before we consent. I mean, we never even got to go to Six Flags America with them.

Thursday, June 09, 2011


Hi guys. Sorry I don't blog more or take better pictures. When we were planning on coming out here I was all hyped about blogging. I thought to myself, "self, you are going to take amazing pictures and blog tons so the peeps at home know what happenin', and so you will have a record as well, 'cause you sure stink at keeping a journal." Not doing so well so far. I will try to be better, mostly for me and my poor memory.

Here's some pics from our memorial day weekend. These first couple are from Arlington Cemetery where we went on Sunday. It was really beautiful up there, and neat how quiet it was, considering how many people were there. So glad that people have reverence and respect for those that have served our country. 

We went and saw the changing of the guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier, which was really awesome to see. I might have got teary eyed about it, even.

These pictures are all completely out of order, but I just had to  document the first meal cooked and consumed in our new place. That's right Mom, I braved your no recipe spaghetti sauce. It wasn't the same as yours, but still good!

Hello teeny Capital Building!
Very cute Asian couple took this for us after we took a picture of them with their daughter.  
We also went to Little Saigon over this weekend, but realized too late that the memory card was in the computer, and not in the camera. That was a bummer. But it was super fun to see people's faces and complete change of manner toward Jeff when he would speak to them in Vietnamese. The guy cutting his hair was giving these grumpy monosyllabic answers to Jeff's questions like he thought we were the jerkiest Westerners ever. Then he totally lit up and got all chatty and nice as soon as Jeff whipped out the Viet. Jeff also got this lady at the market to pick out some of the best mangos for us. Ever eaten 6 mangos in 4 days? I would do it again in a heartbeat. So good.

Coming soon--The first installment of the Air and Space Museum as well as our first grocery shopping trip on the Metro, featuring a shout out to Harris Teeter and their cheese selection.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Our Place

So, I promised pictures of our place. It took me a while, but I have a grand video tour for you to see every corner of our little studio apartment. We sure do like it, scant furnishing and all.

Jeff is settling into his work, and seems to be enjoying it. He is now a sworn in defender of the Constitution, which is pretty awesome. I am settling in to the VERY quiet life that is working from home. Well, sort of settling in. We had Friday through Monday off (luckiest), so that four day weekend of goodness kind of threw us off schedule again. But it sure was a blast. I will now keep you in suspense about that wonderfulness. Gotta save some exciting stuff to post during the boring work week, you know.

By the way, this is my first time uploading a video to blogger, so I hope it works.

Monday, May 23, 2011

District of Columbia

Hi guys. So here we are in Washington DC. Except that I'm actually in Virginia and haven't seen any but a real shady part of DC. The lady trying to sell us an apartment was telling us about a man who died in her arms in the alleyway from a gunshot wound resulting from a drug deal gone wrong. Nice. Her selling point was that they caught the perp real quick. Comforting, yes? At least we finally found out why such a nice furnished apartment was so "cheap." Remember how I now think that $1500/month for a really nice apartment is cheap? Ha.

Jeff is currently at his first day of work over at that Comptroller of the Currency place and is actually in the DC. Lets all hope that is going well, okay?

Right now we are staying with my brother's wife's sister and her family--they have been so so nice to let us stay and are even lending us some furniture and pots and pans to save us money. Pretty awesome of them since we had never even met before. It's amazing to me how generous people can be. Amazing. Especially since I am a pretty selfish one myself.

Luckily for them, we will be getting out of their hair soon. We found a little studio apartment on the 8th floor of a building in the safety of Arlington that is a pretty short commute for Jeff. We signed the lease on Saturday and will move in tonight! Pictures to come when I have them.

Let me tell you, I am so ready to be settled and get back into a manageable routine again. Here's to a relaxing rest of the week.

See you tomorrow, blog world.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Dirty Dash

So, if there were ANY chance that I could ever run 6.2 miles without getting heatstroke and dying, I would totally be doing this. Also, if I could afford $40.00 for the registration fee.

I wonder if they'd let me meander through the course and play in the mud?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Telling You Stuff About Me

All morning I have been wondering who is wafting the very strange perfume/shampoo/mystery smell that I have been catching whiffs of. Yeah, I just realized it is my new deodorant that I cracked open today. Good thing I didn't comment about it to anyone, 'cause that would have been awkward.

Now I will tell you about my new obsession with swimming. I have always enjoyed a nice summertime outdoor "swim." Where by "swim" I meant "being in the water." But on Saturday Jeff and I realized it was nearly the middle of July and we hadn't been swimming yet and the situation had to be immediately rectified. However, at that point in the day, the option was either getting in our P90X Kenpo workout, or going for a swim. We decided that we would skip the Kenpo and try to swim some laps so we could get some exercise whilst enjoying the sun and water.

Until that day, I had never considered swimming to be a viable source of exercise for me. For others, yes, but definitely not for me. I mean, I just don't really know how to swim laps and do fancy flip turns and all that jazz. But we slapped on some goggles and I pretended to know how to do the breastroke, then inhaled water trying to do some freestyle, occasionally taking a break with a lazy backstroke-like thing. We swam for 45 minutes, going a mere 1/4 of a mile, but dang my heart rate was high.

And I think we all know what usually happens when my heart rate is elevated above 140 for more than 15 minutes. My head refuses to sweat and I get an instant headache that more often than not lasts all day. But remember how you are in water when you swim? No need for normal human cooling mechanisms like sweat. sweet!

That is the first time in my life that I have had a great cardiovascular workout without the usual consequences. I don't know why the idea had never occurred to me before, it seems pretty obvious...but I guess I am pretty dense. Anyway, now you know why I am obsessed with swimming. Es Fantastic!

Our new goal, since P90X really only has 2 cardio workouts, is to do the weight training on Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the mornings, then go for a nice swim right after work/school (which we already failed at yesterday, oops!). Usually I would balk at working out for nearly 2 hours in a day, but swimming is so nice outside in the sun--it's really more fun than workout.

Now I'm off to plan a super Tuesday night date. If anyone reads this before 4 pm today, ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

P90X, Take Three!

So guess what? Jeff's class got cancelled again on Friday! We had been so sure that it wouldn't (with a test coming up) that we slept in so that I would have to stay at work past 5. That would have been sad, and difficult, but luckily my work is awesome and gives us paid hours off for being healthy, and even though I'm not that healthy I had almost two hours saved up from the last few months, so I got to get off and go play at 3!

We then proceeded with our mucho fantastic weekend that involved Little Ceasar's crazy bread (it's only $1.07 with student ID!) and reading in the sun for hours, plus family barbeque's and backyard croquette. Then on our fantastic Monday off from work and school, we were searching for something fun to go do that wasn't seeing Eclipse, and we decided that the most fun thing would be to spend lots of money. It is fun! But you will see shortly that it also saves money, just slower than we spent it.

So what was our fun destination of choice? Sports Authority, obviously. We purchased ourselves some door frame pull up bar thingys that are way neat (thanks to Kyle for the product endorsement). Then we also got some sweet dumbbells. This is where the saving money comes in. No more gym membership! Woot! While I love the gym for the air-conditioned running environment, I hate it for most every other purpose. Especially P90X workouts--to me, doing push ups and lunges in a small gym space with people looking at you like you are nutso for not just using the cool machines is just too awkward. (Who even knows if that sentence made sense?)

Anyway, I really like being able to do the workouts at home, plus now we can watch the DVDs while we work out instead of just following the little book, and that's double great because:

1. Tony is really funny
2. We work out harder with him doing super speed push ups and stuff. Let's face it, we were totally slacking off when we were using the books.

Also, I am cheap enough that having made a large purchase is very motivating. "We spent that money on this stuff so we must use it daily!" I don't know why the money spent on the gym membership didn't have this effect. Perhaps it did at first, but if it did, it was totally gone several months ago.

One last added bonus is that it saves 25 minutes of drive time to and from the gym, which I love, because that translates into 25 minutes of extra sleep. Worth every penny, if you ask me. Do you ask me? Well, it's worth it.

Anyway, I think I need to include a footnote regarding the pull up bars. No, I cannot do a single pull up to save my life. I can life only about 50 pounds of my body weight with my weakling arms. I use a chair and my leg muscles to lift the remaining poundage. So my arms and my legs are tired after a workout that's not designed to work your legs in any way. So, now you know the truth.

Well, I have tried to turn this into a P90X blog in the past, and that hasn't worked out, so I don't think I will try it again. I just wanted to let you know about our purchases, and my resulting happiness. I promise not to bore you with P90X too much from here on out. mkay? Cool. Peace out.

Thursday, July 01, 2010


News: I have decided that I don't want this blog to be dead anymore. I know that when I move away from P-town (which will not be for two years, so don't fret) I will want to keep updated with people's lives. And let's face it, I can't really expect other people to blog so I can keep up with them if I don't put in the effort to post something every now and again, too. Might as well get in the habit now, since I'm kind of a hermit and don't really see lots of peeps here in the Provo as it is.

If you wanted to know what Jeff and I will be up to over the next couple of months, I will be glad to tell you. I am overjoyed that my work is amazing and HR decided to let me go seasonal full time and work 40 hours a week for the summer, should I so desire. I always set out at the beginning of the week with this desire strong in my heart, but it usually disintegrates as the week progresses. Especially if Jeff's Friday class happens to get cancelled. Whatever happens, though, I still look back on my work week with pride if I have worked at least 35 hours.

Now, on to Jeff and this class of his that sometimes gets cancelled and removes any desire of mine to be at work. He took spring classes, and is now enrolled for summer term as well, which includes a class that goes from 4-6 MWF. What a way to destroy any chance of having summer activities, such as swimming (since I refuse to swim in an unheated pool that is in the shade) and matinees (since I refuse to pay full price for a movie). The good news is that he usually gets most of his work and homework done while on campus which leaves us with the rest of the night to play! Although Jeff and my idea of play has not been as identical as usual lately.

Yes, Jeff has recently decreed that he gets to propose one boring activity per night. So last night we spent an hour and a half reading from his stat 441 book (which will be the same book I use for stat 470 this fall) and learning about set notation and relative frequencies. Tonight we will be covering sections 1.3-1.4 which I'm sure will be even more exciting as we learn about probability theory! yay! But in all honesty, it really is nice of him to help me get a head start so that I might actually be able to pass Actuarial exam P.

Our life in a nutshell: work, school, and reading textbooks for fun. We sure know how to live it up.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Cooler than I was

As you can see, I have finally emerged from the stone age and changed my template. This is thanks to Mindy. She worked some kind of magic to update from the old old school blogger and taught me how to change it. Thanks sis, I'm cooler now because of you!

If you wanted to know, Jeff and I went camping this weekend, and had quite a fancy time. (Fancy because the campsites had flushing toilets, and hot water and soap to wash your hands). I would show you all the fun pictures we took of the scrub oak in Heber, and our sunburned faces, but we forgot our camera. I'm not going to apologize, though, because we had already been on a long fruitless search for rainboots/galoshes (they do not exist in ANY store in Orem--unless you want fishing boots) when we realized, and we weren't going to spend more time and gasoline just to get our camera to please you. So there.

Another thing you might want to know is that Jeff and I are restarting P90X today after a week off. Yes, we did the unthinkable and became lard butts again. But really it was for the best because Jeff had this wicked cough and a sore foot from being stabbed, and through all this he had to go to class, study for and ace his finals. Which he did. I was also really busy reading blogs and playing solitaire. So as you can see, there was really no way either of us could have kept up on it. Anyway, we're going to start again with the week we skipped instead of skipping it altogether, so wish us luck as we reincounter that first week soreness. Really, I need some luck. Also wish us motivation, because I have rediscovered how wonderful it is to sleep in and then goof off after work. And eat TONS of junk food while camping. Yep.

Well, I hope you have the most lovely Monday (or whenever you read this) imaginable.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Two Years

Two years ago today, I made the best decision I've ever made.
I love you, sweets!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I was going to write a post whilst at work today, but then I realized that there remained only 5 little minutes until I was permitted to depart. So I decided to write a really short post. Yep, this is all you get. And maybe some stuff about P90X.

Because I wanted to tell you that this is Week 4 of P90X which is a rest week (whatever!) slash core and ab focus. Jeff and I did our first time through "Core Synergistics" out on the shady back lawn. It was spectacular and breezy and nice. I just wish grass didn't make me so itchy, and that I had a stronger core...but whatever.

One more thing. I have now decided that I don't mind too much when people spell fun with a ph instead of an f. In fact I think I might start thinking it is a little bit phunny sometime in the future. Don't ask me why.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Waxing Political

So, I happened upon a blog post today about all the health care chaos going on right now. I don't know this guy, or what exatly was said on NPR, but I really liked this post a lot, and the metaphor they used. To me it made it easier to see what could happen with the government stepping into healthcare. If you want to, you should check it out here.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

So sometimes when I am bored at work I think, Bingo! Great time to write a blog post! But then I think about how we finally found our camera and I really should wait to post until I get home and upload our sweet pictures. But by the time I get home I have been on the computer for eight hours already, and am already so busy eating dinner, swimming, doing P90X workouts (if we sleep in), watching season 2 of LOST on DVD, and basically just living the good life that I just can't do it. Sorry.

But today, I decided, meh, who needs pictures anyway, everyone wants to hear more about how extreme I am doing P90X and stuff. In case you are unfamiliar with P90X, it stands for Power 90 eXtreme! and supposedly you get really fit in only 90 days! woot. Anyway, this crazy 45 year old man named Tony made these workouts to PUMP US UP! He is much like unto Hans and Franz, with a bit of Michael Scott thrown in. We like it a lot when he does his impression of Forest Gump, and does the X sign with his arms to show how extreme he and his workouts are. And yes, they are extreme.

Anyway, Jeff and I successfully completed day 10 this morning and we feel pretty pleased with ourselves. So far this week on Monday we did about a bazillion pull ups and push ups of different types (No, I cannot do a single pull up on my own, I do them on the weight assisted pull up machine so I only lift 50 pounds of my body weight--so don't think I'm that tough yet). On Tuesday we jump-jump-jumped around with the plyometrics workout. Let me tell you, when you squat and jump for a solid 60 minutes, your legs will hate you so much the next day (but not as bad as they did the day after on week 1). Then yesterday it was shoulders and arms and feeling like a champ with my little 8 pound weights at the gym, and hating the skinny blond girl staring at us struggle through "Ab Ripper X". We are so doing that part at home from now on. Today was the best with an hour and a half of Yoga, and tomorrow we are in for my least favorite: lunges and more pull ups for an hour--ouchy. Then we finish out the week on Saturday with some sweet Kempo X, which is kind of like kick-boxing, I guess.

So you probably don't really care about that much, and that's okay, I am writing this so I don't go crazy during the last 20 minutes of work, and I am having so much fun, I might actually do this blog thing more often. But it will probably be about P90X a lot, because that's the most exciting and unique thing about my life currently--besides the usual glamour and wonder that is married life in the summer time, but I know that you really don't want to hear about that.

To everyone that reads this blog: I love you both! Have a good one hotpeices.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ta Da

A- Attached or single: Definitely attached.
B- Best Friend: Jeff. And the NikJo, and all the girls even though I'm a bad friend
C- Cake or Pie: Usually pie if it is hot and there is ice cream involved.
D- Day of choice: Saturday. No work and a whole day with Jeff. It doesn't even matter what we do, it's such the best.
E- Essential Item: Umm...water?
F- Favorite Color: Most of them
G- Gummi Bears or Gummi Worms: Bears--mostly because of the sound the gummy bears wrapper makes in "Searching for Bobby Fisher"
H- Hometown: Provo!
I- Indulgence(s): Dr. Pepper and Macey's soft serve twist cones, and Red Mango, and...really I indulge a lot.
J- January or July: July
K- Kids: 3. According to the pencil test I will have 2 boys--but who believes in that hogwash, right?
L- Life is Incomplete Without: family and so many things. I really like memory foam.
M- Marriage Date: August 11, 2007-coming up on two years!
N- Number of Siblings: nine
O- Oranges or Apples: Oranges
P- Phobias or Fears: I agree with Nikki, death of a spouse is a big one--oh the crazy dreams I've had. Also, public speaking will never be removed from my list of extreme fears.
Q- Quotes: "Okay." -Get Smart
R- Reason To Smile: So many-I have only 20 minutes of work left, then I get to go to the gym with Jeff. I have Friday off work, so only 2 more days. I'm reading a good book. It's supposed to get sunny and warm this weekend.
S- Season: I like them all quite a bit, but spring is definitely the only one I don't get sick of before it's over.
T- Tag Three: Anyone who reads this and hasn't been previously tagged
U- Unknown Fact About Me: Sometimes my favorite things to do at work are the mundane tasks that everyone else hates--like filing and data entry. Fun!
V- Vegetarian or Meat Eater: MEAT! Except on pizza--then it's all about being vegetarian, 'cause meat on pizza is gross.
W- Worst Habit: Being super messy and vowing to clean up "tomorrow." yeah, right.
X- X-Rays or Ultrasounds: huh? I once had an ultrasound on my abdomen, but instead of finding a cute baby, there were icky gall stones in my gall bladder. Never had an X-Ray, though.
Y- Your Favorite Food: I am incapable of choosing favorites, but right now I am craving chicken pesto from Gloria's Little Italy, a home grilled hamburger, and TimTams. Yum.
Z- Zodiac: Virgo. yep.

Stay tuned: I may, sometime in the next 4 months, post about stuff like shooting huge semiautomatic weapons and whatever we do this weekend. It might be exciting.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I guess it's about time?

Now that school is out for the summer maybe I will have time to blog or something. All I know is that Melanie said that we should all update our blogs on her latest post, and I am deciding to obey. Not that I have anything interesting to say, unless you want to hear about all of my stats projects. Which I'm sure you don't. I would even torture you with posting the final product, but they are saved as pdfs and who the heck knows how to get a pdf onto a blog post? Not me, that's for certain. I will bless you with a couple of the cool plots I have made for multiple linear regression, which I know you are totally stoked about, right?

So they are pretty dang neat, eh? I made them using this code:

dwaine<-read.table("dwaine.txt")names(dwaine)<-c("number", "income", "sales")library(lattice)cloud(sales~number+income, dwaine)library(scatterplot3d)scatterplot3d(dwaine)s3d<-scatterplot3d(dwaine, type="h", highlight.3d=T, angle=55, scale.y=.7, pch=16, main="scatterplot3d - 5")s3d$plane3d(model1,"solid")

Are you impressed? Good.

Dang but I really hope that I pass that class. That would be something to bring much happiness to my heart.

Well, if you wanted to see the first non-flip flop sandals I have purchased (besides chacos) in about 4 years, here they are. Please pardon my huge looking ankle in the foreground.

I'm pretty excited because flip flops are forbidden at my place of work, so now I have a sandal to wear to work. yay.

You should comment and tell me some ideas that you would like me to blog about. Perhaps that will give me the motivation to keep up. No guarantees, though. I broke the LCD screen on our camera, and now it has officially died, which means no pictures, which in my opinion means boring blogs. But whatever, I will still blog maybe sometimes perchaps.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Some Random Pictures from My Phone: Part I

Mindy has discussed on her post that she is a blawker. I, too, suffer from this on a large scale. Old slight aquaintances and strangers alike have no idea that I read their blogs on a frequent basis. Another thing I suffer from is stealing all my ideas for my posts from other blogs. But at least I admit it, right? One of my favs, (I'm too lazy to do a link) posted some random pictures from his phone, and I thought, "gee, what a swell idea." And so this post was birthed.

Jeff and I helped paint the newly remodled upstairs of his dad's store. It is now a super chic apartment. sweet.

cute Molly! bubbles are a bonus.

This is us being really excited to watch the game at Mel and Ryan's. We mooched off their mtn access the whole season. It was such a blast. I like those guys, Molly, AND football, so it was really a super set up.

Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm Lame

So, I wasn't tagged or anything, but I saw this one someone's blog and decided that would be an easy way to get another post in in November. I mean, I did get more than 6 comments on my last post, so I pretty much had to do it.

How long did you date?
4 months. engaged for 5.

Who eats more?
Jeff, if he wants to.

Who is taller?
Jeff. but we are both shorties

Who is smarter?
Huh? I think we are both pretty brilliant.

Whose temper is worse?
It depends on the situation, but we are both pretty laid back about most things.

Who does the laundry?
I do. But not very often.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?
If you are looking at it or laying on it? jeff does, if it's the former, I do if it's the latter.

Who pays the bills?
That would be me. I have a better memory for those kinds of things.

Who cooks dinner?
Usually Subway. But if you count canned soup and grilled cheese, then it's me.

Who drives when you are together?
Jeff. It's pretty mean since he drives so much already, but he's better at it.

Who kissed who first?
Well, It was kind of mutual when it happened...we both just went in at the same time. sooo romantic.

Who is the first to admit when they are wrong?
Well, I'm never wrong, so...

Whose parents do you see the most?
Probably mine. we live with them.

Who proposed?
Jeff did, and I gave my consent.

Who is more sensitive?
Again, it depends on the situation. Sometimes it feels like it is Jeff, but that is probably because I don't realize when I am being oversensitive.

Who has more friends?
We are both mostly socially impaired. We are friends with each other, and we like it. Then we each have our little group of close friends.

Who has more siblings?
Me. got 9. he's got 4.

Who wears the pants in the family?
we both wear pants most days. I like to wear dresses in the summer, though.

Do you have a song?
no. is that lame?

Monday, November 03, 2008

A New Post

Hi there. I am going to be honest, I was really just wishing and waiting for that 7th comment on my last post before posting again. I decided to just give in, though, because I wanted to announce to everyone that I was just called as a primary teacher. Yep. The wonderful Valient 10 class is now under my very questionable care and supervision. But, how hard can it really be to keep 4 sweet 10 year old girls in reasonable order? I guess that would depend on what your definition of reasonable order is, but as mine is quite lax, I think I might be able to do it. Heck if they learn anything, but Boy Howdy there will be candy.

So there you have it. The most exciting thing that has happened to me in the last 3 months is finally getting the primary calling I always knew would eventually come to me, thought I kind of had hoped it wouldn't. I kind of like snuggling up to my mom in releif society and snuggling up to Jeff in Sunday school, and the whole not having to do anything except show up thing. It was nice.

In other news, I have been re accepted to BYU and have registered for my classes and was quite pleased about the whole thing. Then today I went to Jeff's classes with him and that sufficed to scare me out of my mind about the school thing. But at least I only have two months to freak out over nothing. Then I get to go to class and freak out for real. What a comfort. At least I'll still have a (small) source of income, as I get to keep my lovely job with ridiculously few hours. They are so nice to me there. (My boss and coworkers, not the people I try to get money from).

Sometimes Jeff and I like to go to the mall and pretend I am Carmen San Diego. Enjoy knowing for a moment where in the world Carmen San Diego really was. (Banana Republic in the University mall).

Monday, July 28, 2008

smarter than blogger

I was not smarter than blogger for quite some time. I could not for the life of me figure out how to log into this dang blog of mine. I even thought it had turned into some odd bible study site. please visit and you will see what I mean.

But today, as I was getting painfully bored laying in bed whilst suffering from some wicked food poisoning, I took the time to do it. And BinG! I became smart enough to use blogger again. I doubt that I will ever be smarter, I mean, look at my blog, I still don't even know how to edit my sidebar!

At any rate. I am back for at least one post before I become to stupid to log in again. Here's the sitch(uation).
*Jeff and I moved in with my parentals. I would take and post a couple of pictures, but it is too messy for reasons that you will soon find out. We really like the freeness and quiteness there of. Plus we feel free to eat my parents out of house and home. Free food is awesome. I also really like to chat with my mom when Jeff works late.

*We've had a busy summer. The only thing I really have pictures of is the balloon thing on the fourth of July. My phone was new and I was really excited that it could take pictures. Here you go.

It was early, okay?

*Last weekend we trekked up to Idarho to a big ol' family reunion that didn't end up being so "big 'ol" after all, since no one really went. That was kind of lame, except that I probably wouldn't have talked to anyone but my immediate family anyway. It was fun to see Jed and Celeste's house finally. Also, the shower provided was very magical and we are eternally grateful for the opportunity to be clean.

*We got back from Zions on Saturday with some fantastically awful food poisoning from some random drive up grease pot in Washington, UT. But we won't discuss that too much. We got to our campsite at 1:30 on Friday morning and finished setting up camp at 2:30. Thankfully my Jeff let me "sleep" in the car while the menfolk did all the work. Nice. The next morning we had to wake up at 7 to go wave running, sea-dooing, or whatever the heck it's called. At that hour with no sleep I did not quite understand the draw. I was pretty much terrified at first, but I got to like it in the end. Good times. Very hot. Saturday morning everyone got up to hike Angel's Landing, a hike that involves 3 foot path with large cliff and a chain to help you climb nearly vertically for the last mile or so. I did not go. There was not a change in the very hot place that I would get up at 6 am to do that to myself. I slept past 9 and was quite pleased with myself. Next on the agenda was the narrows. This was a great time, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Hiking a shaded river in a canyon is about the only thing besides swimming that sounds remotely fun to do in the heat of southern Utah. It was fun, and beautiful.

There were many signs posted to not feed the many squirrels or you would be fined $100 and have your hand gnawed off. Well, Jeff accidentally dropped an almond, and you know, if you give a squirrel an almond...he won't gnaw off your hand, however, he will climb on your lap and start drinking out of your platypus, bladder, water container with a tube, or what have you. Pretend this guy is me and that he is sipping out of aforementioned tubey thing. Sheesh. The audacity of those squirrels.

So have a good one, peeps! I might post again, and I might not. Only time will tell.

Here's a little P.S.

My husband is basically the sweetest man in the world. I had to work a lot of hours last week to be able to have Thursday and Friday off. On the homestreach on Wednesday when I was suffering the most Jeff came to take me to lunch and brought me these flowers and a bunch of fresh picked raspberries! So thoughtful. I really love that man.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Long time no see?

So....I realize that I haven't blogged in over half a year. But Jeff is working late and I am lonely and bored, and the opportunity with a ready made template came up. Thanks for tagging me, Nikki.

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?
I was probably outside jumping on the trampoline and doing crazy cartwheels and flips and getting excited to have a Friday night sleepover with Nikki. Wohoo!

2. What was on my to-do list for today?
Go to work early (7:30)
Make it through work without going nuts
clean up bedroom, fold clothes
do frivilous things to fill the time until Jeff gets home (such as watch America's Next Top Model on youtube. Too bad about Anya not winning, eh?)

3 Bad habits-
I can't keep a single room clean for more than a day
I always buy vegetables and let them rot in the fridge because I don't cook or remember to eat them
I will always neglect anything if the chance to hang with my husband comes up unexpectedly

3 Things people don't know about me-
I'm pretty much an open book, but if there's anything specific you'd like to know, feel free to ask.

I tag: anyone and everyone

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Done Got Hitched

So married life so far is pretty dang good. Jeff cooks for me far more often than I cook for him, he always makes the most amazing things with the scant groceries we have left at the end of the week. Creative genius, I'm telling you. The cruise was amazing, but that's a post for another time. School is great, as I'm taking a mere five credits and Jeff is in both of my classes. We've only skipped our 8:00 class twice to sleep in. wait, twice in the first thee weeks of school isn't a good start, is it? We're never going to sleep in again, I promise.

In other news, I'm going to the BYU game today with my Daddy-o. So excited.


Monday, February 19, 2007


So, I realize that it's been a while, yet again. I think that my New Years resolution should have been to blog at least once every two months - which will be a big improvement from what I have been doing. Can you change New Years Resolutions in mid-February? I think it should be allowed.

If so, here is my post for the next couple months. Hopefully the wonderful pictures here provided will tide you over until Aprl.

Oh, hadn't you heard? I got a very shiny and pretty digital camera. It looks a lot like this:

Do you like it? I can take your picture if you'd like. Come on over anytime, and we'll have a photo shoot. we can also pretend we are in a photo booth and make funny faces like this:

We could do some glamour shots, and if I get the lighting right, you will possibly look even hotter than this:

We could even eat chocolate ice cream in between shots, if you wanted. So come on over, bring your friends,and we'll have a real good time. So much so, that by the end of the night you will most likely be smiling a whole lot like this:

Wowee, having a digital camera makes blogging fun. I might have to change my resolution to once a month. Do you think that's an unrealistic goal?